Friday, October 7, 2011

A Hectic Week

This week Was not a good week for school. Monday, October 3rd 2011, He was sick so we did nothing.  Tuesday, Oct. 4th, We only got to do 3 subjects because he was not feeling well still. Wednesday Oct, 5th, we did 2 subjects due to having to take the Husband to work at 8am, take the truck to get new tiers, and take my step-daughter to her prenatal Dr. appointments. Thursday, Oct. 6th, we again only got to do 2, well actually only one subject, he wanted to make his home-made barometer, and then he just would not do his math. Earlier I fought him to get up, walk down the staires, and walk into the living room. He put himself in a corner, so I told him to stay there for a few. All he had on was his shirt over his neck and his undies. He stood there shivering, but would not get dressed. Every once in a while he would look at me with a look as if to say Your still there?  Dad got up and he quickly got dressed before dad came down the stairs. I asked him what was wrong. He said nothing he just did not want to do any thing today. Then he told me he had a sore throught. Shortly after he said that I give him easy work. I said then he should be getting it done quickly instead of taking an hour one 2 pages of math. I gave him Motrin and soon we did science and then when I gave him his math to finish from the day before he complained that the math I gave him was too hard, 2 digit adding and subtracting. That is what he has been doing the past 2 weeks. He gave me such a problem that I finely told him to go to his room and not do anything. He felt like he did nothing wrong, even after he had said he would rather be sent to bed. He got irate and threw a fit which got his dad worked up. Dad had to go after him and scold him because he would not stop mouthing.  Today, Friday, Oct. 7th, is a day off for the local school that his big brother goes to. So we are not doing anything because I told him we would go with the school calender. So I guess our next school day will not be until Tuesday Oct. 11th. The school has Columbus day off. Hopefully we will have a better week.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New game plan

So I have This friend on and she has a blog about her homeschooling For the past week I have been feeling that this homeschool stuff is way to easy. I thought all I had to do was go buy the books day by day page by page and all I had to do was make the books last all year. After reading Hevenwoodhomeschool, I realised that my way was ok for the spelling, the math, and the reading. The spelling book I have is set up for weekly lists and tests. Math is set up pritymuch the same way. The reading book we jump around in. The vocab and writing books I mix in with the spelling and reading towards the end of the week. Science and history/geography I have to change.  I am so glad I read he blog so soon in the year. So I went back to what we already did in science and history. I have come up with a lesson plan for science in October and working on a lesson plan for History in November. So if you are trying to do this homeschool stuff alone I recommend you sine up with cafemom and get in to the homeschooling moms group
When you sign up go to this link.
GOD Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th line up

      We officially started on 9/7/11, we looked at the books, did a practice spelling test, went over the north American 50 states, and worked on flash cards.
      On 9/8/11 I had to fill in at work due to a flood in our area. We live in Afton,NY. if you go to this link, scroll down till you find photos by Penmom4, these a photos of my town that I took, there are other photos of other areas from different people around the flood area on this page also. 9/9/11 was not a good day to do lessons either.
     Today 9/12/11 was a good learning day. We did not get to start at 9am like I planed, He had a hard time falling asleep last night so I let him sleep till 9.  Today we started with math, we learned how to write expanded forms for large numbers. Example:
       Slandered form: 300,256,526
       Word form: Three hundred million, two hundred fifty-six thousand, five hundred twenty-six
       Expanded form: 300,000,000 + 200,000 + 50,000 + 6,000 + 500 + 20 + 6
       Expanded form with multiplication: (3 x 100,000,000) + (2 x 100,000) + (5 x 10,000) +
                                                                  (6 x 1,000) + (5 x 100) + (2 x 10) + ( 6 x 1)
  In our reading book we read a story and answered questions on vocabulary skills, reading skills and study skills. In spelling we started with short vowel letters. We stopped for lunch for 24 min. Then we worked on his history book, we began with the study of before humans arrived. We read about the ice age and did some computer study on Lake Agassiz .
Altogether we worked 3hours and 5 minuets. I am sure as the times will get longer as the year goes on.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game Plans

   Received our home school books a week ago. So far I have worked out two weeks of lessons for half of the classes.  Now the hard part; science, history,geography, and health. I say the hardest part because I have been trying to work a plan for 3 days now. Ugh. My thoughts creeped up on me and now I am looking up test companies to ask them for a sneak peek at end of year tests so I know what he needs to study.  Especially when the Geography book is for grades 5 and 6, and the U.S. History book is grades 5-8+. Now I am at a stand still. My next post will hopefully be the cure for my stand still. LOL!
Blog ya soon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Starting

   On Monday August 29th We recived our books. Now I have to gome up with a game plan.
Hear we go.

About us

   I am a mother of 4, 2 step girls ages 19 and 18, and 2 boys of our own ages 16 and 10. Back in January 2011 my youngest son Cody age 10 began to fight me to go to school.
   It actually stared back in 2009 when his youngest half sister was sent to a children's home, and then a few months after his older half sister left home.  That all happened at the beginning of the year in March and April. He only fought me two times before school ended. One time he fought and when he got on the bus he sat on the steps the hole way to school. The second time I took him and he ran from the truck, I had to run and get him. When we got back to the school the school sheriff pulled up and offered to take him. After he was in the school he was fine.
   For the 2009-2010 school year he would only fight me once every other moth, either getting him on the bus or bringing him in kicking and screaming. He also stopped going to the wednesday night Word of Life club at our church.
   In March of 2010 his younger half sister was sent to a forster home closer to us. In August She cane home for good only to up and leave and move to her mothers house where she is now. At the begining of the 2010-2011 school year his older half sister moved back home. Cody still fought me to go to school but now it was every other week. I had him see the school theripist. She could not tell me anything. His older half sister Left home again, can't remember what month though. This mad him fight once a week.  In January 2011, after christmas break was the worst. Every day was a challenge. I had go in for meetings with the teachers and they had told me that he has never had problems with other kids. He was also a smart student. Some were around Feb. or March his older half sister moved back in. This was no help when I had to fight her just to get up out of bed for school.
   In May the principal had had enough. One day I had brought him in kicking and screaming, his brother came out of gym class, caryed him up stares. I was called at work 1 hours later just to be told he was still carrying on and now he was lifting chairs. The next week he went to school on the bus on Monday fine till he got to school and then ran. They cought him. The Principal said "if he is going to fight don't bring him in." I said to her in privet, "whith you saying that in front of him I am not going to be able to get him to go now, can I get work sent home to him?" So we did his work at home, and I was able to take him in for 2 tests, the third one was a nogo.
   I have decided to start homeschooling him this year. I was told he has passed to the 5th grade.