Saturday, October 1, 2011

New game plan

So I have This friend on and she has a blog about her homeschooling For the past week I have been feeling that this homeschool stuff is way to easy. I thought all I had to do was go buy the books day by day page by page and all I had to do was make the books last all year. After reading Hevenwoodhomeschool, I realised that my way was ok for the spelling, the math, and the reading. The spelling book I have is set up for weekly lists and tests. Math is set up pritymuch the same way. The reading book we jump around in. The vocab and writing books I mix in with the spelling and reading towards the end of the week. Science and history/geography I have to change.  I am so glad I read he blog so soon in the year. So I went back to what we already did in science and history. I have come up with a lesson plan for science in October and working on a lesson plan for History in November. So if you are trying to do this homeschool stuff alone I recommend you sine up with cafemom and get in to the homeschooling moms group
When you sign up go to this link.
GOD Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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